Junior Devils Tested Against the Lions

Tonight, the Solent Devils are delighted to announce that FOUR Solent Junior Devils have been signed on a two way deal with the club.

Harry Cloutman, Tom Bazell, Kieran Tavener and Jamie Southwell will join current Solent Juniors Elliot Lewis and Callum Farrell. Several of them have been invited to line-up for this weekend’s game against the Lee Valley Lions.

Head coach Alex Murray has spoken of the importance of this partnership;

“As a club we have gradually been growing closer to the junior club during my time as Head Coach, I believe now that the junior club is in a very strong position, and with Richard at the helm, I believe things will only get better.

Part of the link we have with the juniors is to provide the opportunity for young players to experience what it’s like playing senior hockey.

For several years due to the level we played at, it meant the gap was just too wide for the junior players to cross over to.

Now with the current league structure and the rapid development of the under 18s, I’m delighted that we are able to provide an opportunity for these young players to see what senior hockey is all about.”

Solent Junior Devils Head Coach Richard Facey added;

“As a junior club we are so pleased for and proud of these players. They have demonstrated that they deserve this opportunity with their attitudes and efforts this season and for the past few years.

This opportunity has been aided by the senior development sessions which the junior club has just started for the more senior players. It has given these players exposure for our coaches to look at them in a different environment and has given them an opportunity to experience the change in tempo to prepare.

As a junior club we are very proud of these players and know that they are the start of a trend that we hope to continue.”

The Solent Devils face off against the Lee Valley Lions at 5pm on Saturday 13th October, with doors opening at 4:15.