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2020-21 Signing Alert – Rory Martin-Edwards

Today, the Solent Devils are pleased to announce netminder, Rory Martin-Edwards, who is joining the Devils on a two-way agreement with NIHL 2 Devils.

“I am really excited about coming to Solent, as I am a Portsmouth local so will be playing for my home club! I am also really looking forward to training with Chico, he is an amazingly talented netminder with lots of experience to pass on.”

“I’m really pleased Rory has joined the club,” says Devils head coach, Alex Murray, enthusiastically.  “He is a great young goaltender with size and capability to really grow and develop to be a top player at this level.”

Last season, Martin-Edwards played 23 games across NIHL 1 and 2, posting a 4.39 GAA and an impressive 89.14 SV% – including 1 shut out.

“I have been playing ice hockey since I was 8 and have just finished under 18s at Bracknell,” Martin-Edwards says, “where I was also the NIHL 2 Wasps netminder, plus I also iced for both the Bees and the Hornets during last season.”

Murray, with some serious strength in his netminders and excited with this new development prospect finishes by saying

“Rory has experience of senior hockey at Bracknell, and it will be good for him to work with Chico and Duffy, pushing them both for a spot in the top two!  Rory will share his time with the NIHL 2 team, so he will get as much ice time and experience as possible, helping to continue his development.”

Martin-Edwards joins the Devils in shirt #50.  If you would like to sponsor a Devil, or find out about becoming a team sponsor, contact

2020-21 Signing Alert – Jack Peacock

Today, the Solent Devils are excited to announce the signing of Jack Peacock, who will be on a two-way deal with the NIHL2 Devils.

“I am delighted to be able to bring Jack to Solent,” Solent Devils head coach, Alex Murray, said.  “Jack is a young prospect who has shown his potential in Basingstoke, playing and putting up good numbers in senior hockey, while still a junior!”

“I’ve heard some great things about Solent the last couple of seasons,” says Peacock.  “The club has become really professional, and I am very excited to become a part of the organisation for the next step forward in my career.”

After coming up through the youth teams in Basingstoke and Bracknell, Peacock spent the last two seasons with the senior Basingstoke Buffalo in NIHL2, where last year he played 17 games, scoring 8 goals and putting up 7 assists – this brings his senior career up to 39 games, with 13 goals and 13 assists.

Murray, always keen in developing youth players, helping them flourish in to confident and competent seniors says

“Jack will be playing on a two-way with the NIHL2 Devils, which will help with his development and also ice time.  The more young prospects are on the ice, the more time they have to develop.”

“My aim for this season is to gain the experience I need to develop as a player,” says Peacock, showing his attitude and desire to grow as a player, “and to work on key attributes that will help me excel in my game.”

Murray finishes with

“I’ve seen Jack skate a few times already this summer, and I am excited by his size and skill set, which will be a good addition to our forward line up.”

Peacock will be joining the Devils in shirt #21.  If you would like to sponsor a Devil, or find out about becoming a team sponsor, contact


2020-21 Signing Alert – Dan Shier

The Solent Devils are pleased to announce the return of British forward, Dan Shier.

Shier has spent four seasons with the Devils, since his transition from the Wightlink Raiders – not including the time Shier spent with the youth team during the 2016/17 season.

“I love the atmosphere in the rink, the boys and the fans,” says Shier.  “Coming back for a fifth season with the Devils was a no-brainer for me, and I can’t wait to get started again.”

“Dan is an exciting young player, with lots of potential and bags of energy when on the ice,” Alex Murray, Solent Devils head coach says of the returning player.  “He is a guy who looks after his teammates, and works hard every shift.”

Over the course of his senior career, Shier has played 102 games, picking up 11 goals and 21 assists – of these numbers, 80 games, 10 goals and 17 of his assists have been for the Solent Devils, as well has having been part of the playoff winning team at the end of the 2017/18 season.  Looking back at last season, Murray comments,

“Dan is a consistent performer, who gives his all in every shift, he works hard in the corners and is a skilful player.”

During the course of last season, Shier scored 2 goals and assisted 5 more during the 22 games he played – this is in addition to the 28 games he played for the Devils team in NIHL league 2, where he contributed a further 4 goals and 6 assists.

“I was playing my best hockey towards the end of last season after having a slow start, so I want to get straight back into it from there,” says Shier.  Looking ahead to the upcoming season, he continues with, “I know there’s going to be a lot more competition for places this year so I intend to work hard to earn my spot. I know I need to step up this season and take every opportunity I am given.”

Murray, pleased by the way the team is shaping up and the options he is presented with when the season eventually starts, says

“With Dan returning, our forward numbers are increasing – which is good for competition.  I will be looking for Dan – and all our forwards – to be consistent and give their all with every given opportunity.  I look forward to continuing to work with Dan for another season.”

Shier returns in shirt #12.  If you would like to sponsor a Devil, or find out about becoming a team sponsor, contact


2020-21 Signing Alert – Alex Trendall

The Solent Devils are excited to announce the re-signing of fan favourite, Alex Trendall.

The British forward returns to the squad for his sixth consecutive season, since returning to England from a year in America with the Tampa Bay Juniors.

“The reasons I have remained at Solent are simple,” says Trendall, “they’re a very consistent and professionally structured team, and a great set of guys.  The fan base is great too, which is a huge boost when we are on the ice.”

Solent Devils head coach, Alex Murray, who is the one who signed Trendall to the Devils back in 2015 says

“Trendall is a wonderful piece of the puzzle.  Alex has speed and a skill set which is different to our other forwards, so provides us with good options up front.”

Last season, Trendall scored 16 goals and earned 16 assists in 26 games, bringing his Devils career to 151 games, with 56 goals and 57 assists.  These stats make Trendall 11th for all time games and all-time goals for the Devils, and 14th for all time points.

“I don’t think I am ever really content with my performance,” Trendall says.  “I am always looking to perform and being part of a well-structured team, I feel like I improve every year.”

Murray, who is proud of the whole Devils organisation for the way they promote development, is obviously pleased by Trendall’s approach.

“It’s great Alex is always striving to improve.  Consistency will be key this season, but we are really excited at the prospect of seeing him perform at this level again!”

As well as his time with the Devils – where he was part of the playoff winning team from 2017-18, and his time in the US with Tampa Bay, Trendall has come from the youth programme and started his senior career on the Isle of Wight.  Looking ahead to the new season, Trendall talks about his aims

“This season, we have got to make playoffs – that’s a given.  As for personal, I feel I need to work on eliminating mistakes.  It’s fine having games with big leads and racking up points, but mistakes against the big teams will cost you more than the stats sheet.”

Murray, echoing what he has said previously, agrees with Trendall by saying

“Consistency is the main thing we need this season, Trendall knows this, and knows what we are looking for.  Being swift on attack and clinical in front of the goal, while being agile enough to get back to defend is what will help win us games this season, and Trendall provides us a great resource in these areas.”

Trendall will return to the Devils in shirt #10.  If you would like to sponsor a Devil, or find out about becoming a team sponsor, contact

2020-21 Signing Alert – Oscar Evans

The Solent Devils are today excited to welcome British forward, Oscar Evans.

Evans transfers to the Devils from Basingstoke, where he has played the last four seasons with both the Basingstoke Bison and the Basingstoke Buffalo, and this year will be playing on a two way agreement between the Solent Devils and the Basingstoke Bison.

“As soon as Alex approached me about a potential move to Solent, I spoke to a few of the guys and they all said nothing but positive things about the club,” says Evans.  “I spoke to Alex for a while, and I thought it could be the perfect environment for me, while I am still young and learning the game.”

Alex Murray, Solent Devils head coach says about the newest Devil,

“I’m delighted to be able to secure Oscar for the up and coming season!  He is a very talented young player, with experience of playing in the national league.”

Last season, Evans played 11 games for Basingstoke Bison and 6 for Basingstoke Buffalo, where he scored six goals and assisted on three others.  At just 19 years old, his senior career now consists of 79 games with 29 goals and 13 assists.

“Whilst I am with the Devils,” Evans states, “I will give everything I’ve got to try and give this team success!”

“Oscar needs game time at senior level,” comments Murray.  “Oscar has had the opportunity to play national league, learning his trade alongside some very talented players, however, now is the time for Oscar to get the game experience and continue his development with the Bison, while training and playing with the Devils.”

From starting in the youth system in Basingstoke, Evans played at Swindon for a few years before moving back to Basingstoke for the start of his senior career, and was part of the NIHL 1 league champion Bison team in the 2017/18 season.  Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Evans simply says,

“My goals this season are to stay fit and give 100% all the time I am on the ice.”

Murray, obviously has big plans for his newest signing, going on to say

“Oscar will be expected to play an important role this season, with some players not returning, we need the likes of Oscar – and others – to step into these key roles.”

Evans will be joining the Devils in shirt #77.  If you would like to sponsor a Devil, or find out about becoming a team sponsor, contact

2020-21 Signing Alert – Connor Hutchison

Today, the Solent Devils are delighted to announce the signing of British forward, Connor Hutchison.

Hutchison, formally of the Bracknell Hornets commented about his move to Solent by saying,

“The decision I have made to has come from playing against the Devils. In competition with them, it is always a competitive game, which I really enjoy, and to be part of a team that has done so well in previous seasons is exciting to me.”

Solent Devils head coach, Alex Murrray, pleased to add the 21 year old to the roster says

“I am pleased to be able to bring Connor to the Devils.  He is young and exciting, but is also an experienced player at this level. Connor will add some grit to our line-up, as well as the potential to put the puck in the net.”

After coming from the youth development in Basingstoke, Hutchison spent a little time in the senior organisation there, and had a period with Milton Keynes Thunder, moving to Bracknell Hornets at the back end of the 2017/18 season.  Over the course of his senior career, Hutchison has played 121 games, where he has amassed 22 goals and 24 assists – 6 goals and 6 assists during the 2019/20 season, where he played 21 games with the Bracknell Hornets.

“I’m looking forward to coming to the Devils,” says Hutchison, “I plan on bringing hard work, and hopefully I will be able to help the boys bring home some trophies!”

“Bringing in young talent like Connor will help supplement the experience we have and help compete for places,” Murray says.  “Connor will fit in nicely to our philosophy and the small rink, where I feel his game will flourish.”

With Murray’s talk of the Devils philosophy, and his desire to have a group of team-first players, Hutchison is already talking like a Devil, as he says

“My aims for the season are to put points up and do what I need for the team.  I’ve got a lot to give and I’m willing to work hard to achieve that.”

Murray finishes with his coach’s hat on, thinking about the development opportunities Hutchison has,

“I’m hoping Connor can be a consistent performer, put up some points and play tough when needed. I’m looking forward to working with Connor to fulfil the potential he has!”

Hutchison joins the Devils in shirt #6.  If you would like to sponsor a Devil, or find out about becoming a team sponsor, contact