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2021-22 Signing Alert – Scott Cooper

This evening, the Solent Devils are delighted to announce the re-signing English forward, Scott Cooper.

Since joining the Solent Devils Cooper has contributed 3 goals and 4 assists in his 24 games, speaking about his return Cooper said

“I’ll be looking to bring an energy and maturity to our line each night and to continue developing and playing the Solent way”

Solent Head Coach, Alex Murray spoke of the bond Cooper has made with the team since joining

“We have a close group of guys on our team, and it feels like Scotty has been a part of it from day one! He is a great team guy, influential in the locker room and an asset on the ice across all lines and special teams. Now Scotty is settled down South I am expecting a big season from him, I know he has been working hard throughout the pandemic to remain healthy and ready for when we return!”

When asked about what the Spring Cup Series meant to him, Cooper continued

“Very valuable both mentally and physically it was a real relief to be able to play the sport we all love during such a testing time for everyone. The boys and I were very privileged and none of us took it for granted. I believe that showed in the performances we put in each game throughout the series.”

The pandemic has taken it’s toll on life and the things we take for granted, Cooper reflected

”I think it gave me a real perspective for what’s important and to make the most of each opportunity that comes my way as things can be taken away just as quick as they appear.”

Looking forward to the season ahead Cooper concluded

“We have a very solid core group of players that show up every night but we just need to make sure we make each other accountable and show that group mentality that got us through a lot of tough games last year.”

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2021-22 Signing Alert – Harry Cloutman

This evening, the Solent Devils are delighted to announce the re-signing of Defenceman Harry Cloutman.

Cloutman will play on two way with Solent Junior Devils NIHL2, commenting on his return

“My goals this season are to play a consistent role for the squad at NIHL 2, and get out there and prove myself as a Devil in NIHL 1.”

The 19 year old has picked up 4 assists in the time he’s been on the ice in NIHL 1 and 3 goals and 3 assists in NIHL 2.

Head Coach Alex Murry comments

“It’s great to have Harry back in the squad this season. He a great young local player with lots of talent and a great hockey brain! Harry will get a perfect balance of experience and game time between both NIHL 1 and 2 teams at Solent and we look forward to seeing Harry continue to develop.”

Looking back on the Spring Cup Cloutman continues

“The spring series was great, it got the team back on the ice which is a step forward to normality. It was a hard fought Series.”

“It was good to be back on the ice, but seeing the rest of the team was great, it had been a long while since we’d all seen each other. The series was also a very good learning experience for me.”

Discussing the challenges ahead in 2021-22 Cloutman said

“This year I expect that we are all going to bring hard work and a lot of dedication, that’s how the teams played since I first signed and that’s the ways we’ll play now.”

When asked about his favourite rink

“I enjoy playing at Cardiff the most, the ice is just great to skate on and there’s so much room on the ice.”

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2021-22 Signing Alert – Dan Lackey

This evening, the Solent Devils are excited to announce the re-signing of the talented utility player , Dan Lackey.

Back for his fourth season at the Solent Devils the instrumental play maker commented

“I want to ensure we pick up where we left off with the spring cup win and take the momentum into the league this year.”

Speaking about the return of Lackey, Head Coach Alex Murray said

“Lackey is a great player to have back on board! Dan is a great option in both positions and is one of the best in both departments at this level. Lackey brings experience, toughness and leadership on the ice, which will help those around his be more successful. I’m hoping Dan continues the great work he has already begun with the Devils next season!”

Lackey continues

“As always, I wouldn’t mind contributing a few more goals, but I’m just as happy blocking shots as I am getting points, as long as the team benefits.”

With the past 18 months being a tough period for everyone, looking back Lackey said

“In what was a tough/challenging time for most people, we were very lucky to be able to carry on playing with some level of normality in our lives. And to be able to stream it to friends, family and all the fans was great, giving them something to change up the usual monotonous lockdown evenings.”

As a keen golfer Lackey continues

“We won a league and cup, and my golf game got a little better, but that wasn’t hard to improve though! On a more serious note, I think it allowed a lot of people the time to reflect and realise the more important things in life we often lose sight of.”

Looking forward to the season ahead and the challenges of a full season of hockey, when Lackey was asked to share his thoughts

“Well, some would say I’m pretty versatile playing everywhere but in goal last year and I do think that is my biggest strengths. I know if Murray asks me to play somewhere/do a job I have confidence in myself to do it.”

Lackey has played 60 games for the Solent Devils accruing 17 goals and 41 assists, reflecting on his contribution Lackey continued

“I am my own biggest critic no one else can be as hard on me as I am when it comes to hockey, so I try to lead by example though actions not words, if I make a mistake, I’ll go out there and do what I can to make up for it, and I expect that from my team mates as well, we set the bar high!”

When asked about his favourite rink besides Gosport Lackey said

“It has to be Basingstoke, it’s a big part of my life and it’s sad to see it in the state it is now. It’s a shame more local councils don’t invest in the rinks that provide great community ethics and sporting opportunities.”

Lackey will return to the Devils in shirt #9.  If you would like to sponsor a Devil or become a team sponsor, contact

2021-22 Signing Alert – Mark Pitts

This evening, the Solent Devils are excited to announce the re-signing of centre man, Mark Pitts.

The South African forward is returning for his 7th season with the Solent Devils, when asked about returning to the team, Pitts said

“The team is made up of a great bunch of guys and I’m expecting them to bring the same high levels of commitment they bring every year.”

Head Coach Alex Murray has spoke of his pleasure in securing his influential alternate captain

“It was a priority of mine to get Mark back for next season, he is such an integral part of our squad. I would go as far as saying he is the most underrated player in the league! Mark is productive offensively, plays both special teams and is dominate in the face off circle! Mark has been a crucial component in our recent club success and I hope he can support us in achieving more”

Leading the charge on the ice Pitts has attained 175 points for the Solent Devils with 54 goals and 121 assists over 112 games.

Pitts continues

“I aim to bring as much energy to the team as possible. I try to base my game on high work rate, heavy work load and doing the gritty things well allowing the skill guys more opportunity to score.”

Looking forward to the 2021-22 season

“The goals for next season remain the same as every other. As a group we need to remain hungry and push to compete with the top teams in the league. The league is only getting tougher and there’s no easy games, so we have to be ready to preform every game or we could find ourselves out of contention very quickly.”

Reflecting on the Spring Cup after the disruption to the end of the 2019-20 season, Pitts said

“The spring cup was great, getting to play some competitive hockey in such uncertain times was a real relief. It was well run with all the necessary safety measures strictly adhered to, ensuring the health of all involved. I feel it was a real positive for all of the teams mental health to get back to what we all love to do.”

Pitts will return to the Devils in shirt #5.  If you would like to sponsor a Devil or become a team sponsor, contact

2021-22 Signing Alert – Alex Cole

This evening, the Solent Devils are thrilled to announce the re-signing of team captain, Alex Cole.

Cole returning for his 13th season and 7th as the captain commented

“As captain I’ll bring everything I always do, that’s commitment, passion and hard work.”

Solent Devils Head Coach Murray said

“I’m delighted to have secured the service of Alex for another season! He is a leader on and off the ice, as well as being a fans favourite. Coley is a role model to many young athletes who aspire to take sport seriously and apply themselves every day to become better.”

With 323 games, 21 goals and 129 assists the experienced defenceman spoke about his goals for the season ahead

“Goals are what they always are and have been, we don’t enter a season with arrogance, every season the teams strengthen. What the devils have and pride themselves on is our bond as team many of us have been together for many years. The team members have big commitments with work, family and travel outside of ice hockey but playing for the devils is a privilege, every training session we are competing for a spot, we train hard to play hard.”

 Reflecting on the Spring Cup victory, Cole explains why the series was important for psychological and physical state of the players

“I always try to stay in shape in summer around hockey and train to be a better hockey player around my other commitments, the previous season didn’t finish and then the next one didn’t start”

Speaking on behalf of the team Cole continued

“You gear yourself up to compete in a tough league then it doesn’t happen, it’s very disheartening. When Murray said we are playing lots of games in a short period I was excited. Everyone is in the same boat, you could only prepare for a couple of weeks or so and this goes back to the heart and commitment of the devils so when things get tough games we know how to pull through.”

When asked about emotional wellbeing and coping with the impact of the pandemic on everyday life Cole contemplated

“The positive being honest is that the group stayed in contact, during lockdown we video called, then when the restrictions were lifted we were able to go in groups to play golf. We are very lucky with the way the team is setup and run, the comments from players who have joined from other clubs is that we are like no other”

Looking forward to the start of the season ahead

“I am very self-critical and I look to my peers to give me feedback on area’s I can strengthen. This summer has been very tough for me with a lot going on with a house build, but it’s tied in perfectly to the new season. Only 8 weeks until it kicks off and I can’t wait to commit to the team and give our fans everything they deserve.”

Murray commented

“Alex has improved every year working on all parts of his game.

He will bring a really strong presence in our end as well as our changing room!”

Cole will return to the Devils in shirt #8.  If you would like to sponsor a Devil or become a team sponsor, contact

2021-22 Signing Alert – Drew Campbell

This evening the Solent Devils are pleased to announce the return of prolific goal scorer – Drew Campbell for the season ahead.

Commenting on his return, the Canadian born forward said how he was eager to get back at it

“I can’t wait to just be in the dressing room with the greatest bunch of guys I know, having a laugh and playing in front of the best fans in the league.”

This will be Campbell’s 24th season in British Ice Hockey where he has amassed over 1,000 points including 4 points in the Spring Cup! When asked about the series Campbell spoke of the impact it had on him,

“The Spring cup was a blessing. As at my age I need to be on the ice as much as I can to keep up with fitness. As these you guys are just faster, stronger, and more physical than ever. But boy did I miss the fans in the rink”.

Campbell continued

“The past 18 months have not only changed the way we look at life, but all the things we took for granted, the world has changed. Many people have lost loved ones, and many have seen the strength in loved ones fighting this virus. Seeing it unfold first hand, isn’t great.”

Head Coach – Alex Murray spoke of the importance in retaining the experienced forward Campbell

“Drew is one of a kind! He surpasses expectations year in year out, age seems to be no barrier to his success. Drew has been a wonderful servant for our club and will continue to play a pivotal part next season. Drew really helps on face-offs, special teams, nurturing the younger players and will be a key part of our squad”.

Campbell started his junior and early senior career in Canada, with many hours spent travelling with his teammates, when posed with the question, what is your favourite rink outside of Gosport?

“Now that is hard for me, as you didn’t specify, in the UK or world… in the UK, Slough has always been the best ice pad, but I have always loved the trip to Ally Pally, just a stunning venue, the ice during the spring Cup was amazing to play on. But if I had a choice worldwide, I’d say mountain arena in Hamilton Ontario. An old rink that has a lot of history, including where they filmed Youngblood.”

Campbell will return to the Devils in shirt #23. If you would like to sponsor a Devil or become a team sponsor, contact