Game Day



Doors open an hour before face off when tickets can be purchased if you haven’t already purchased online, on arrival you will get a wrist band to permit re-entry and the band will be checked by Security prior to face off and during the game.

Then wonder over to the Game Day Activity Table for…

Chuck a Puck

You will have the opportunity to purchase pucks for ‘Chuck a Puck’, the closet puck to the penguin is the winner. We have Silver Numbered Pucks and Gold (Player) Numbered Pucks, if a Silver Puck is closest the winner gets a signed puck from their favourite player and if a Gold Puck is closest the winner gets a signed puck and photo with their favourite player. Chuck a Puck takes place after the 2nd period ends, pucks are thrown from the players bench.

50/50 Tickets

Buy a 50/50 ticket with the chance to take away 50% of the money taken, the winning number will be selected at random and announced in the interval between the 2nd and 3rd periods.

Shirt off His Back

Buy tickets with a chance to win the shirt of a players back at the end of a Home game.

Safety Warning

Please note that Ice Hockey is a dangerous sport, with pucks travelling at over 100mph, there is no guarantee that a puck may not go astray, it is for this reason that when the warm-up or the game is in play it is your responsibility to be aware of the potential dangers to yourself and those you are responsible for.

Rink Layout at Games

Please take a moment to get familiar with the layout below, we asked that all aisles are kept clear where indicated and note that during each period there should no flash photography, no abusive or threatening behaviour, no unauthorised persons are permitted on the player benches, the penalty box or in the time keepers facility.