2023-24 Signing Alert – Mason Wild

Devils retain Wild

After a week of new faces, the Solent Devils return to a familiar one with the re-signing of British Defenceman, Mason Wild.

Wild who will return for his 8th season spoke of the comfort that comes with playing for the Devils

“Re-signing with Solent, it’s a sensible choice for me. There’s a certain comfort in familiarity and I’ve got that with the Devils. Over the years, we’ve built up a camaraderie that’s hard to match anywhere else. As for why I chose to sign again – well, the answer is pretty straight forward. The South Coast is where I live now, and Solent Devils are my home team. There’s something about playing for your home team. I started my journey with the Devils and I find it fitting to continue here. The support from the fans has been fantastic, they’ve been behind us every step of the way.”

Speaking on his latest re-signing, head coach Alex Murray stated the importance of Wild in the locker room

“Mason is a voice of reason within our locker room. He is someone who remains calm in all situations and is a person players often speak to which is important. His calm nature transitions onto the ice and the value of his Defensive capabilities as well as the offensive threat he can bring means his return is really valuable.”

Wild, will continue in his role as Alternate Captain, and is looking for another full season, following several plighted with injury

“It’s a refreshing change, I won’t lie. I’ve spent seasons in the past fighting off knocks and niggles, so to be able to lace up my skates without that hindrance, it’s been quite liberating. It’s been a chance to focus on honing my skills and contributing more to the team’s success, without the concern of physical setbacks. But you know, it’s part of the game. Injuries come and go but the love for the game remains constant.”

Wild will return in his familiar #41 jersey and is available to sponsor. For more information on player sponsorships or to sponsor Mason, please contact Kerry at devilssupporters@outlook.com