Do it for Brooke

This weekend on Saturday 18th January against the Chelmsford Chieftains, the Solent Devils are delighted to announce that they will be supporting the “Do it for Brooke” campaign in a bid to raise funds for Brooke and her family

Brooke is the happy, beautiful, talented daughter of Lisa and Dan and older sister to Amelia.

Loved by her friends and all who know her, Brooke has a beautiful soul, always caring for others around her yet full of feist and carries a true sense of what is right and wrong. She loves to perform and has had many a solo in school productions and has blessed the stage with an enormous presence despite her half pint size at drama performances!

In April 2019, the Hedge End family received the devastating news that Brooke has a rare, inoperable tumour on her brain stem. Brooke has been receiving care at Southampton General Hospital and has completed a 6 week intensive course of treatment to shrink the tumour at University College London Hospital, in the hope that this will alleviate some of the symptoms that she has developed.

The care that they have received from the NHS has been invaluable, however, the family has had to pursue private treatment in New York in order to gain access to options not covered on the NHS. They are currently flying to the States every 4 weeks for treatment.

As you can only imagine, the family are desperate to fund this treatment. They need to see their daughter continue to live her life as any child should.

Any money raised will be used to fund the treatment and assist the family with living costs (Dan and Lisa are self-employed). Recently they were able to buy Brooke an electric wheelchair, a stair lift and other accessories to make life at home a little easier, now that Brooke is unable to walk unaided.

Brooke has been absolutely awe inspiring throughout her treatment. Without complaining she has endured blinding headaches, sickness, a facial palsy, swollen eye, nasty steroid side effects, and many motor skill problems. Despite all this, every single day Brooke turned up to radiation with a ‘let’s do this’ attitude. She has given this beast the name of Naughty Nibbler and is determined to see the back of him, no matter what it takes.

Please help us in helping the family have access to every single possible treatment route available to give Brooke the life she so desperately deserves.

The link below will take you to the Go Fund Me Page for Do it for Brooke.