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Signing Alert – Chico Cole

Today, the Solent Devils are delighted to announce the re-signing of the lead netminder, and number 1, Christian “Chico” Cole.

“I’m proud to be a part of the Devils organisation,” Says Cole.  “It’s been a pleasure to see this club being transformed into something very positive, with players wanting to play at the club.  One of the reasons I am back is because Solent’s dressing room is like no other!  The fans are another reason I am back, it is a real great feeling and an honour to see our arena full of fans.”

Head coach, Alex Murray, pleased that the experienced netminder has returned once more says

“Chico is an integral part of the core squad at Solent and has been for several years.  He brings confidence to the team and will once again be one of the top goalies in the league.”

“I’m more relaxed than ever, this being my twenty-second or twenty-third season playing hockey across all ages, I just love to play the game and I’m still learning all the time.  My performances are also improving and becoming much more consistent, which is the main thing for me and the club.”

Last year – his ninth for the Devils – Cole played 30 games, with a 2.22 goals against average, stopping a huge 92.87% of all shots he faced.  This equates to allowing just 62 goals for the entire season – including the playoffs, while having faced a huge 861.  Cole also picked up 4 assists in the season.

Murray though, has a long history with Cole and has seen what he can achieve on the ice over a period spanning many years.

“Chico has always been a consistently top end goalie.  His stats show that he will keep the team in games and I a rink where goals are easy to come by, as a team we conceded the least amount of goals of the last two seasons compared to the other clubs, and Chico is a big reason for that.”

The new season, with the restructured league brings more games in the fixture list than the last few seasons, but Cole doesn’t seem too worried about it.

“Although I loved less games last year, due to being less demanding on my body, I’ve been here and I’ve done it before, I am ready for it again.  It’s certainly going to be interesting next season.  I don’t really know what to expect, but it’s definitely going to be a big challenge.  It looks like a lot of clubs have strengthened their teams, but we will be there week after week to compete with everyone.”

Murray doesn’t seem worried about the veteran netminder’s fitness either – although lets slip his plans for the upcoming season to ensure that the Devils remain fully competitive in any event.

“Chico will once again be the Devils number one goaltender.  He is an exceptional talent, and I will expect hm to keep us in games to give us a chance to win as many as possible.  Chico will manage the increase in games, although I intend to have two goalies competing with each other this season, which will allow him to rest and recover on some weekends.”

With the pressure on the netminders, when asked about his goals for the season Cole simply says

“This year, I’m going to take it week by week rather than setting myself goals at the start of the season.  We will be there to compete with everyone, and I will be aiming to do my best as always.”

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Signing Alert – Dan Shier

The Solent Devils are pleased to announce that Dan Shier will be joining the Solent Devils for his third consecutive season with the club.

“I’m really happy to be back playing for the Devils this year,” says Shier, “We have a great squad and a great team ethic which gives us an edge in tight games, and I think we’re capable of anything.”

Devils head coach, Alex Murray said

“Dan is a great young player with bags of potential, who fits seamlessly into our group of players.  His work ethic and ability to stand up for his teammates means his role within the team is invaluable.”

Last season, Shier played 30 games scoring 6 goals and earning 4 assists with 32 penalty minutes.

“I felt I played a bigger all-round role on the team last year,” said Shier, “I’m looking forward to stepping up again in the higher league.”

Murray, simply says

“Dan settled into his role last year and made improvements to his game as he continues to develop with the Devils.”

As thoughts turn towards the upcoming season, Murray continues

“Dan will be tested in the new NIHL 1, but his hard work and determination will ensure he is ready for the challenge.  I am expecting Dan to be relied on more than last season and as a result he had better be ready for the challenge!”

Shier though, knows it will be a team effort and confidently says

“We can’t be underestimated in this league and will be picking up points where people might not expect us to.”

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Signing Alert – Harry Cloutman

The Solent Devils are happy to announce that Harry Cloutman will be joining the team on a two-way contract with Solent Junior Devils U18s

As this young player continues to learn, grow and develop.  This will be the second season with the Devils, as the seventeen year old defender joined the senior club for 20 games last season.

“This is a great place to develop my hockey skills and progress,” says Cloutman, “it is my home.”

“I was really impressed with how Harry settled into the team last season,” says Devils head coach, Alex Murray, “his performances were solid, and he did not let himself or the team down.”

Cloutman goes on to say,

“Last year, when I had the chance, I did the things that I should have – if I didn’t, I was told and then tried to improve from the feedback.”

With Cloutman on a two-way contract, Murray says

“Harry will have the opportunity to continue his development across the 18s, NIHL 2 and the senior Devils in NIHL 1.  Harry will need to be ready when called upon for the Devils and I expect him to adapt well to the new league.”

“Harry is lucky in the sense he has great coaching in all the teams he plays for at Solent,” states Murray.  “Harry knows what he needs to work on to develop his skill set, and I am confident he will continue to improve.”

Looking to next season, the young defender says

“I think the team is going to be competitive with the new league, and I don’t think we are going to do badly.  My goals for next season are to improve my skills both on and off the ice so that I can further myself.”

Murray adds to this by saying,

“We are not planning on having a difficult season.  We are expecting it to be competitive and this will be a true test for our younger players, including Harry!  Only time will tell how harry will do, but we will ensure we have given him every opportunity to be successful”

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Signing Alert – Mark Pitts

Today, the Solent Devils are delighted to announce the return of Alternate captain, Mark Pitts.

Devils head coach, Alex Murray says

“Mark is a fantastic player and very much respected in our locker room, he is key on the power play, on the penalty kill and in the face off circle.”

This will be Pitts’ fourth season with the Devils, where last year he played 22 games, scoring 11 goals and earning 24 assists.

“Re-signing for Solent this year was a simple decision to make,” says Pitts.  “there has always been a great atmosphere in the dressing room from both the players and off ice team.  It makes Solent a very enjoyable place to play hockey.”

“Mark will be a crucial member of our line up next season,” states Murray, “and as usual will be expected to log big minutes in all the games, as well as be out on the ice during crunch times.”

“There’s no denying that this upcoming season will be a much tougher challenge than last season,” Pitts says.  “As one of the smaller clubs in the league set up, I expect us to have to battle and grind for every point.  It’s definitely a challenge I’m looking forward to.”

Pitts continues

“Having spent the first half of the season injured and only coming back properly in the new year, I really struggled to find rhythm and consistency.  This season I’m aiming on finding the consistency in my game that was missing, and hopefully help Solent into a playoff spot in the process.”

“Last season’s injury was unfortunate,” says Murray, “but Mark has overcome the injury and is now back to his best.  Mark will be expected to lead the team at both ends of the rink, he will tally points regardless, but it is his work both on and off the puck, doing jobs that most guys shy away from that are invaluable to the Devils.”

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Signing Alert – Mason Wild

Today, the Solent Devils are delighted to announce the return of Mason Wild.

Wild returns for his sixth season at Solent, where he has spent 114 games as a stalwart defender, but still earning 17 goals and 30 assists.

“I was over the moon that Alex asked me to come back,” said Wild, “I have been here some time now, and it feels like home.  The crowd at Solent really gets behind the team, and there is such camaraderie with the guys I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.”

“Mason is a highly skilled defenceman,” Alex Murray, Devils head coach, says, “He could make the roster of most – if not all – of the NIHL 1 clubs!  His experience and ability on the puck are two of the main reasons I have brought him back as my alternate captain.”


“Mason is a calming influence on our defensive unit,” continues Murray, “He talks to all of the boys and keeps them focused throughout the game.  I allow him and Alex [Cole] to micromanage the defence, and I feel all of the group respect his views and his abilities.”

One of the quietest players on the team, when asked the key to his success on the ice Wild simply says

“I watch the puck, I watch the players.  I like being in defence, when I am on the ice I can be behind the Devils while they are attacking, contemplating where an attack would come from if the opposition made a breakaway, I try to anticipate that and get in the way.”

Laying out his expectations for the coming season early, Murray says

“Now Mason is fully recovered from the injuries he suffered last season, I will be looking for him to lead the defensive core.  His ability in both ends of the ice will mean he will be called upon regularly, and I expect him to produce points from the back as well as being tight on defence.”

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Signing Alert – Alex Trendall

Today, the Solent Devils are delighted to announce the return of Coach’s player of the year, Alex Trendall.

This will be Trendall’s sixth season with the Devils, last year being his most productive season yet, 23 goals and 17 assists in the 30 games he played.  Last year brings Trendall’s stats as a Devil to 125 games with 40 goals and 41 assists.

“Alex’s performances last season were the accumulation of hard work by myself, the coaching team and him, for the last three years,” says Devils head coach, Alex Murray, “We have overcome many things with Alex, including his confidence and I was delighted with his maturity and output last season!”

Fan favourite Trendall says

“Solent is nice, the team atmosphere is amazing, there is so much banter with the rest of the guys in the changing room, and on the ice we are all in it together, it truly is a team, and it is amazing when the fans are chanting my name.”


“Next year will be hard, I think,” Trendall muses, “The teams will be playing harder, the competition will be much more fierce, and we are used to being in the top of the table after the last few years in NIHL 2.  We all need to work together, work hard, and hopefully we will be fighting for the top spot once more.”

Murray talks about how Trendall will need to carry on the work he was doing last season,

“Alex understands that he has to be consistent with his performances, and with no easy games in NIHL 1 he won’t be able to go missing in the game.  He has solidified his role in the top 6 forwards for our team, and as a result I will be expecting him to be producing points similar to last season.”

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