Position: Forward

Evan Crockford

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Crockford came up through the Solent youth programme, and in his 78 games he provided 172 goals and 71 assists. His time in the under 18s team, Crockford holds the records for U18 all time points (147) and U18 all time goals (100).

Crockford then took a break from hockey, returning in the 2017/18 season where he played 18 games for the Devils, contributing three goals and a pair of assists.

When asked what made him come back for the new season, Crockford replied

“There is an unbelievable team atmosphere in the dressing room that is filled with an unprecedented amount of experience. I chose to re-sign with the Devils because of the professionalism of the organisation and the desire to win, and the opportunities to develop under guys who have been there and done it.”

Devils head coach, Alex Murray talks highly of Crockford,

“Evan is a fantastic talent, who grew in confidence last year and continued to improve as he adapted to the standard of the team and league. With his size, natural strength and handedness, it was a no brainer for me to ask Evan back, and I’m delighted he agreed.”


“Looking back on last seasons’ performance, I feel as though my game improved as the year went on,” said Crockford, “however, I know I still have a lot to bring to the team. I am looking forward to completing a full season with the Devils this year, and developing my confidence and skills to help the team reach the next level.”

Murray continued his thoughts on Crockfords performance last year,

“It took a couple of games for Evan to fully understand the level of league hockey, but he is a fast learner and so you could see improvements game on game. He would work hard off the ice as well, developing his knowledge of the team’s systems so he was ready for any situation, should he be required.”

“My goals for the season are to retain the play offs and secure the league title.” Crockford said, looking towards next year, “Individually, I want to develop as a versatile player, who can be used to play numerous roles within the team. This will build my trust with my teammates, build my own confidence, improve my skills and really show the spectators what I can do. I know this will take a lot of hard work, so I will be training at full intensity both on and off the ice to put up points for the team and make an impact across the league, with hopes of developing enough to move in to the NIHL.”

Murray, however, declares his trust for the young forward,

“Evan had the trust and confidence from me, he just needs to believe in himself. That said, there will be more expectation put on Evan to produce points next season, as he looks to break into the top six. A big strong left winger is very useful to have, and he understands what I want from him next season.”


Elliot Lewis

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Lewis, despite being 16, has played 38 games with the U18 team, earning 16 goals and 13 assists.

“I signed with the Devils, because I felt that it was a brilliant opportunity for me to develop as an ice hockey player, and gain experience under a well respected coaching staff – and players – in the Devils set up,” said Lewis.  “I really feel that I will thrive off these players and coaches, due to their level of knowledge within the sport and I really hope I can mature as a player in the surroundings of the club.  When the opportunity came my way, I wouldn’t turn it down – it was a no brainer!”

Devils head coach, Alex Murray seems pleased with the young signing,

“Elliot approached me earlier in the summer and has been skating with the team for a couple of months.  I’ve been really impressed with Elliot’s skill set for someone so young, he reads the game well and works hard.  He was a former Gosport junior and so it’s nice he has returned home to continue his development.”

Talking about what he will bring to the team, Lewis highlights his dedication and commitment,

“My overall goal this year is to bring hard work, determination and overall a positive contribution to the team.  This is my first year as a senior ice hockey player, and at the age of 16, so, therefore as a younger player I want to bring power, speed, and use all my energy.  I’ve got to make sure that I am working my hardest every game for the team, in whatever situation that may be.”

Looking towards Lewis’s development, he already has praise for his new team mates

“Already, I have received a tremendous amount of support, help and guidance from players and coaches in training, which I have already taken on board and feel a better player for it.  Being a young player, it’s a great place for me to be, as I want to learn and develop as a player.  Being within this team, I am constantly going to be picking up and learning new aspects of the game that I wouldn’t have necessarily seen at junior level.  For me to be here, I see it, in a way, as a free hockey school, where I can pose as many questions that I may have to players and coaches in order for me to become a better and more mature player, which is my overall goal for this year.”

Murray, looking to assist in the development of Lewis says

“Elliot will share his time between the Devils and U18s to ensure he is on the ice as much as possible, so he can continue to develop, he will prioritise the Devils when we have games, but the opportunity to play a lead role with the U18s will develop a different side to his game.”

Moving up to the senior environment must be an experience that is filled with emotions, but Lewis is excited for the chance to prove himself and relishes the challenge it will bring

“One thing I am looking forward to, is the fact I am going to be skating and playing on a rink, week after week, where I started playing at the age of 9.  Another thing I am excited for, is to be playing for a team I used to cheer for as a younger child, which is quite surreal in itself, I never imagined playing for the Devils as a child, but now it is a reality and I am very grateful for the chance.”

“Elliot knows he has to work hard to earn a regular spot,” says Murray, “he is keen to learn and is very determined.  I hope when given the opportunity to get some ice time he grabs it with both hands.”

Callum Farrell

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The Solent Devils are today pleased to announce the signing of forward, Callum Farrell. Farrell joins the Devils after his first year at senior level at the Slough Jets, where he played 17 games and netting one goal. Over his junior career, Farrell played 43 games amassing 32 goals and 32 assists.

“I feel that the team have a lot of experience and knowledge that I can utilise to strengthen my game.”

Said Farrell about his move to the Devils.

Solent Devils head coach, Alex Murray, was impressed when Farrell joined the team over the summer

“Callum came to us in the summer and showed an interest in becoming a part of the Devils, his energy and effort during the summer try outs were exceptional, and I was impressed with how he tested himself against the top end Devils in battle drills and scrimmage. It’s that kind of mindset which is what we look for when recruiting, as the fearless attitude is a tough trait to own.”

Murray continues, going on to talk about Farrell’s playing style and ability,

“Callum brings energy and a willingness to learn, he has no fear and works his socks off in front of goal to create scoring chances. He can be physical for someone so small, and during his junior career he has found the net consistently.”

Farrell says his main goal is

“To strengthen the team, and to support them in equalling or improving their successful performance from previous years. Being part of such a strong team will spur me on to delivery my best performances, game after game – after all, I strive on pressure.”

“Callum joins the team on a two way with our under 18s team after signing from Slough,” says Murray, “I feel the two way with our junior system is important to ensure players like Callum still get the ice time they need to develop. I expect Callum to be ready for any opportunity that comes his way, and that he grabs it with both hands.”

Farrell is excited to be joining play off champions, Devils, and says

“I’m looking forward to lifting the trophy at the end of the season with this awesome team!”

Chris Hocquigny

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Hocquigny won the Shane Clacy award at the Solent Devils 2017/18 presentation, an award given to the player viewed as the most dedicated over a season.  ‘17/18 also saw Hocquigny pick up 6 goals and 6 assists in his 28 games.

Head coach, Alex Murray talks highly of the 18 year old,


“Chris is a great prospect player who came to my attention when the Slough rink closed down over a year ago, he had a great work ethic and was very mature for a teenager.  He has bags more potential and I am excited to see him develop with the Devils.”

On his return, Hocquigny says


“There’s a great team atmosphere, Alex and the senior players really helped me out and pushed me to develop, and the exposure to the new NIHL 2 has really helped me developing my confidence and other skills.”

Looking toward the future and how the league is developing, Hocquigny says

“The way the league is changing over this off-season suggests this is going to be a tougher league and I feel this benefits everyone, this pushes everyone to work harder.  I’m looking forward to this challenge and it is another test for me.  This will also make it a more interesting league for all the fans and followers, as games will be closer and the league title may not be as clear cut.”

Despite his youth, Hocquigny fitted in well with the more senior Devils last season, a point not missed by Murray,

“Chris has grown and adapted well to senior hockey, he has great speed but also a gritty side which has allowed me to use him across all three lines, as well as the penalty kill and power play last season.”

The Devils have always called themselves a development club, and this is spearheaded by Murray.  Hocquigny, as one of the youngest on the team does not escape this treatment, and Murray goes on to say,

“Chris knows he needs to take the next step and become a key player for the Solent Devils.  If we, as a club, are unable to progress into NIHL 1, Chris is a player I would like to be able to progress on into the league, and for that to happen he has to start putting up a few more points and to continue to develop his game, working hard in training and learning for the experienced players in our squad.”

This talk moves towards Hocquigny’s goals for the upcoming season, and his words show why he won the Shane Clancy award,

“My goals for the season are to develop my personal skills and try to benefit the team as much as I can, whether this me through hard work or putting up points for the team.”

Hocquigny will be returning in shirt number 93.  If you would be interested in sponsoring any of the Devils shirts, or becoming a team sponsor, please contact devilssupporters@outlook.com