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Signing Alert – Sam Compton

Youth player, Sam Compton joins Devils

The Solent Devils are today pleased to announce that another player, Sam Compton, is moving to the Solent Devils.

Compton is obviously aware of the options open to him as he develops his career in senior hockey, but it appears he has been impressed by the Devils,

“What convinced me to join the Solent Devils,” Compton says, “was the strong organisation of the club and the motivation of the team.”

Devils head coach, Alex Murray, has obviously known of the young player for some time though.

“Sam is a player who I’ve been aware of for a few seasons now, having played with his uncle, Nick, on the Island.  I’ve been keeping tabs on his progress at Basingstoke.  He is a skilled defenceman who reads the game well.  He has a good shot, and plays big for someone quite small.”

The Devils, while promoting themselves as a development club, will be hoping to be in contention for silverware again at the end of the season,

Murray, talking about where to slot in this new recruit will also be looking to ensure the Devils aren’t left vulnerable.

“Sam understands that is joining an already strong defensive core, he will have to work hard to earn a place but having spoken to him throughout the summer he is determined to earn a regular spot with the team and command a top six spot.”

“My personal goals for the upcoming season, are just to help the team out as much as I can, wherever I can.  I think I am hard working, and have a determined will, which, I am hoping will help me in my goals of proving to be a valuable player for the Devils.”

“Sam has already played with the Buffalo,” says Murray, “so will be used to senior hockey.  It will be interesting to see how he does in our environment, as we will hopefully be in the hunt for the league title and so there comes a different pressure, not just the pressure of making the jump to senior hockey.  That said, having seen Sam skate this summer, I have every confidence he will achieve great things, and hopefully in a year or two I can progress him in to NIHL 1.”

Last season, with Buffalo, Compton picked up a goal and 8 assists in his 18 games, and 39 penalty minutes.

Compton has played in some high pressure situations too though, having been in the U19 England team, when they played Scotland in the junior finals last season.

“Playing in the England versus Scotland match was great experience, and I have found that the added pressure helps me to perform better.  I am hoping that my experience in these situations sees me go on to help the Solent Devils win another trophy!”

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Signing Alert – Jamie Fitzpatrick

Long time defenceman, Jamie Fitzpatrick returns to Devils

The Solent Devils are delighted to announce the re-signing of long time Devils defender, Jamie Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick has played 235 games as a Devil – his whole senior career – making him second in all time appearance, only beaten by Devils captain, Alex Cole.  This huge stretch with the Devils has seen Fitzpatrick lift the championship trophy twice, in addition to the play-off trophy last season.

Last season Fitzpatrick played 17 games, scoring once and providing three assists.  This takes his total to 26 goals and 90 assists, making him the Devils highest scoring defenceman with 116 points.

“Jamie is someone I have grown up with,” said Devils head coach, Alex Murray, “we’ve played together since juniors, he is a Devil through and through and to be a one club man for so long is a testament to his commitment to our club.  Jamie understands me and the team well, and is a team first guy on the ice.  He is quiet around the changing room but plays with his heart on his sleeve and will do anything to help the team achieve its goals.”

Talking to Fitzpatrick, he makes it clear why he has returned to the Devils,

“Coming back to play for the Devils is always an easy decision, especially with the atmosphere during the game from the crowd and the desire and passion to win from the lads on the ice.  There are no individuals in the team, every player that steps onto the ice plays for the team and each other, which makes it a successful and great team to play for.”

Being a defender with the impressive attacking stats – not to mention his long range shot – Fitzpatrick talks about the difficulties he had pushing forward in the 17/18 season.

“Not being able to train last season made it difficult for me, especially with my attacking decisions, making the correct pass or play in the offensive zone wasn’t my strongest attribute.  Working back in Gosport, I am looking forward to actually being able to attend training and step up my offensive game.”

Murray, however, seems to have no complaints over Fitzpatrick’s performance.

“I am looking for more of the same from Jamie, he is a solid defenceman who can hit, shoot and skate hard.  We have a strong defensive core and I will be looking to Jamie to continue to impress and keep our goals against down.  Jamie is a defenceman first, and while he can play on the wing if required, he will continue to patrol the blue line for us again this year.”

Fitzpatrick had a work commitment for the play-off final, so was missing from the game where the Devils lifted the cup, however, he was there for the semi-final the day before, and he mentions this while talking about his excitement coming in to the new season.

“It was great to be on the ice for the semi final and help the team get the win and into the final.  I was disappointed that I had to leave and head back to Plymouth for work.  We only just missed out on winning the league, and then to win against some of the top teams in the league to get to the play off final and win was a massive achievement.  I am looking forward to actually getting onto the ice for training to improve my game, but mots of all challenging and being in that top spot at the end of the season.”

Fitzpatrick will be returning in jersey #15 sponsored by Gordon Pooley in memoriam.  If you would be interested in sponsoring any of the Devils, or becoming a team sponsor, please contact

Signing Alert – Elliot Lewis

Solent Junior, Elliot Lewis joins Devils

The Solent Devils are delighted to announce that Elliot Lewis is joining the senior men’s team at Gosport, and becoming a Solent Devil in the upcoming 2018/19 season.

Lewis, despite being 16, has played 38 games with the U18 team, earning 16 goals and 13 assists.

“I signed with the Devils, because I felt that it was a brilliant opportunity for me to develop as an ice hockey player, and gain experience under a well respected coaching staff – and players – in the Devils set up,” said Lewis.  “I really feel that I will thrive off these players and coaches, due to their level of knowledge within the sport and I really hope I can mature as a player in the surroundings of the club.  When the opportunity came my way, I wouldn’t turn it down – it was a no brainer!”

Devils head coach, Alex Murray seems pleased with the young signing,

“Elliot approached me earlier in the summer and has been skating with the team for a couple of months.  I’ve been really impressed with Elliot’s skill set for someone so young, he reads the game well and works hard.  He was a former Gosport junior and so it’s nice he has returned home to continue his development.”

Talking about what he will bring to the team, Lewis highlights his dedication and commitment,

“My overall goal this year is to bring hard work, determination and overall a positive contribution to the team.  This is my first year as a senior ice hockey player, and at the age of 16, so, therefore as a younger player I want to bring power, speed, and use all my energy.  I’ve got to make sure that I am working my hardest every game for the team, in whatever situation that may be.”

Looking towards Lewis’s development, he already has praise for his new team mates

“Already, I have received a tremendous amount of support, help and guidance from players and coaches in training, which I have already taken on board and feel a better player for it.  Being a young player, it’s a great place for me to be, as I want to learn and develop as a player.  Being within this team, I am constantly going to be picking up and learning new aspects of the game that I wouldn’t have necessarily seen at junior level.  For me to be here, I see it, in a way, as a free hockey school, where I can pose as many questions that I may have to players and coaches in order for me to become a better and more mature player, which is my overall goal for this year.”

Murray, looking to assist in the development of Lewis says

“Elliot will share his time between the Devils and U18s to ensure he is on the ice as much as possible, so he can continue to develop, he will prioritise the Devils when we have games, but the opportunity to play a lead role with the U18s will develop a different side to his game.”

Moving up to the senior environment must be an experience that is filled with emotions, but Lewis is excited for the chance to prove himself and relishes the challenge it will bring

“One thing I am looking forward to, is the fact I am going to be skating and playing on a rink, week after week, where I started playing at the age of 9.  Another thing I am excited for, is to be playing for a team I used to cheer for as a younger child, which is quite surreal in itself, I never imagined playing for the Devils as a child, but now it is a reality and I am very grateful for the chance.”

“Elliot knows he has to work hard to earn a regular spot,” says Murray, “he is keen to learn and is very determined.  I hope when given the opportunity to get some ice time he grabs it with both hands.”

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Signing Alert – Matthew Colclough

Matt Colclough backs Devils

The Solent Devils are today pleased to announce that Matt Colclough has signed with them for the 2018/19 season.

Colclough will register with the club but at the moment will only train, unless there was a unique circumstance in which the Devils require Colclough on a game day.

Talking about his role with the Devils, Colclough says

“I still love the game and enjoy being on the ice.  Other commitments have taken priority, but having the chance to support the Devils – who are close to home – is perfect for me.  Also, I will get to skate regularly with some guys that I grew up playing with, which will be nice.”

Devils head coach, Alex Murray voices his pleasure at having Colclough aboard,

“I’m delighted Matty has joined the Solent Devils organisation for the 2018/19 season.  Matt is someone who I have played with for the majority of my hockey career, and we are good friends away from hockey.”

When asked about the role Murray has for Colclough, Murray says

“I always like to train with three goalies, it keeps the intensity high and allows goalies a chance to reflect on drills and then implement their reflection into the next drill.  When we spoke in the summer, Matty mentioned he was not returning to Streatham, I offered him the opportunity to support us in training and I am delighted he has accepted.  His experience and knowledge of the game will not only help raise the standards of our own goalies, but also help our players.”

“The Solent Devils have always been a hard working organisation, which I respect,”

says Colclough.

“I can see that people are doing their best to make it the best it can be, and I am happy to be a part of that.”

Colclough will mainly be at training with the Devils, but is determined to make his mark with the team,

“I always practice hard and come to the rink with the right attitude.  That is what is needed to make practices enjoyable and the rink a fun place to be, hopefully I can add to what the club already has.”

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Signing Alert – Mason Wild

Solent Devils bring back Wild for new season

The Solent Devils are today delighted to announce that Mason Wild will be returning to the team for the 2018/19 season.

Last year, Wild played 24 games as a Devil, earning 3 goals and 11 assists.  Over his time in Gosport, the defenceman has put in 126 games, with 17 goals and 35 assists.

Talking about returning to Gosport, Wild said

“I’m really looking forward to it, the Devils are a great group of guys, and seeing as it is pretty much the same team I am excited about my fourth season with them.”

The Devils announced a short time ago, that Wild was leaving the team for a NIHL 1 club (Streatham),

“The reason I moved originally, was because travelling was getting too much from London, but, now that I am moving back to the south coast things are a lot easier, I am very happy to be going back to my original club.”

This news was obviously very welcome to head coach, Alex Murray,

“I’m delighted Mason is able to return to the club, he is a high quality player at this level and will improve our defensive core!”

“Naturally, I was disappointed to lose Mason this summer, but he had some genuine reasons,”

Murray continues,

“travelling from Streatham to Solent twice a week was a costly venture, also the chance to play NIHL 1 is something I would never stand in the way of.  However, once Mason confirmed he was relocated back down south, we spoke on the phone and it was a no brainer for either partner.”

Now, looking ahead to next season, Murray lays down his expectations

“I expect Mason to pick up where he left, he is a leader on and off the ice, not so much vocally, but in his professionalism, hard work and dedication to the team.  Mason will be alternate captain with Mark Pitts this year.”

Wild too, is looking ahead

“As a team, we managed to win the play-offs, but just missed out on the league title, the goal would be to win both this season.  Individually, I want to start putting up more points, especially in the bigger games.  The top half of the league is always competitive, however, I feel like with the team we have, we can achieve the same – if not more – this season.”

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Signing Alert – Rhys McCormick

Rhys McCormick returns to Devils

The Solent Devils are pleased to announce the return of Rhys McCormick.

This season, we are delighted to announce McCormick will be sharing his time between Solent and Basingstoke as he secures a two way deal with Ashley Tait’s Bison.

Last season, McCormick played 27 games for the Devils, picking up 5 goals and 6 assists.  McCormick, has come up through the Junior system in Gosport, with 93 games, 25 goals and 38 assists.

“Rhys has great potential,”

says Devils head coach, Alex Murray,

“he was a Gosport junior so I have always had a great connection with him, we get on really well and he is someone who I would like to help develop into league one in the very near future.  He has a great shot and skates well, which are key attributes to get to the next level.”

McCormick says he didn’t hesitate in returning to the Gosport,

“Coming back to the Devils for me, was an easy decision after the successful season we had, winning the play offs and narrowly missing the league title by one point.  It was a huge achievement for us as an organisation.  The professionalism of this team is second to none, which, as a player wanting to take their career further I feel you need that level of professionalism.  I committed to the Devils at the start of the summer, but had a fantastic opportunity to take a two-way with the Bison, Alex [Murray] was very supportive in my decision to take it, which means a lot to me.”

Looking to the year ahead and what McCormick will bring to the team, he says

“I definitely expect a lot more out of myself this season, last season was a great learning curve for me, trying to soak up as much experience and advice from some of the core players in the team to enhance my development.”

Development is something Murray continues talking about

“Rhys understands that for him to be effective at senior level, he has to become more confident in his ability and the application of his skill set during games.  It’s easy to train well, but to implement that into a game environment when points or titles are on the line is no easy feat, and so we will look to work on that together this year.”

“I think I will bring a hard working attitude to the team,”

McCormick says,

“I’ve always liked to be a hard working player.  I personally bring a lot of speed with my skating ability, quick hands and my ability to shoot in my stride, also, being able to shoot the puck quickly if pursued.  I think that is something offensively I can bring to the team.  Ideally, I see myself as a two way player, but that’s something I still need to work on to piece everything together, along with the physical side of the game.”

These thoughts are clearly echoed by Murray,

“Rhys is progressing very well, considering he started the game as a teenager he is very committed and passionate about the sport and this will help with his development.  We look at all aspects of training, from physical to mental and to ensure he is ready for the challenge ahead.”

McCormick continues looking ahead

“This season, I feel will be slightly more challenging for us, with no disrespect to the teams in the league last season.  The other teams have improved their line-ups over the summer, and we have lost some key guys.  That doesn’t stop us from wanting to be – and having the ability to be – champions again.  Every team is going to want to beat the champions, that is in any sport, but as a team we have to take each game at a time, and stick to the systems Alex will put in place for us, by doing that I certainly feel we can carry on our success from last season.”

McCormick will be returning in shirt 29, and is currently looking for a shirt sponsor. If you would be interested in sponsoring any of the Devils shirts, or becoming a team sponsor, please contact