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Junior Devils Tested Against the Lions

Tonight, the Solent Devils are delighted to announce that FOUR Solent Junior Devils have been signed on a two way deal with the club.

Harry Cloutman, Tom Bazell, Kieran Tavener and Jamie Southwell will join current Solent Juniors Elliot Lewis and Callum Farrell. Several of them have been invited to line-up for this weekend’s game against the Lee Valley Lions.

Head coach Alex Murray has spoken of the importance of this partnership;

“As a club we have gradually been growing closer to the junior club during my time as Head Coach, I believe now that the junior club is in a very strong position, and with Richard at the helm, I believe things will only get better.

Part of the link we have with the juniors is to provide the opportunity for young players to experience what it’s like playing senior hockey.

For several years due to the level we played at, it meant the gap was just too wide for the junior players to cross over to.

Now with the current league structure and the rapid development of the under 18s, I’m delighted that we are able to provide an opportunity for these young players to see what senior hockey is all about.”

Solent Junior Devils Head Coach Richard Facey added;

“As a junior club we are so pleased for and proud of these players. They have demonstrated that they deserve this opportunity with their attitudes and efforts this season and for the past few years.

This opportunity has been aided by the senior development sessions which the junior club has just started for the more senior players. It has given these players exposure for our coaches to look at them in a different environment and has given them an opportunity to experience the change in tempo to prepare.

As a junior club we are very proud of these players and know that they are the start of a trend that we hope to continue.”

The Solent Devils face off against the Lee Valley Lions at 5pm on Saturday 13th October, with doors opening at 4:15.


Signing Alert – Drew Campbell

Veteran forward returns to Devils

The Solent Devils are very pleased to announce that Drew Campbell is coming out of retirement and will be putting a Devils jersey back on.  Campbell is returning on a temporary basis, to help the Devils due to injuries within the squad.

Campbell holds Devils records for all time points and all time goals, and is behind only Alex Murray in all time assists, as well as being in the league championship squad back in 2012 and the play off winning team from last season – a season where Campbell managed 30 goals and 36 assists in his 29 games.

“The team are carrying some injuries at the moment,”

says Devils head coach, Alex Murray,

“some players are still recovering from injuries picked up in the summer, and others following the game against Invicta.  As a result, I felt it vital to bring in some extra depth to ensure we give ourselves the best opportunity at winning every game we play.  Missing out on the league by one point taught me not to take any game for granted, and I’m delighted after speaking briefly with Drew he was happy to return on a short term basis to help the team through our current situation.”

Campbell, when asked what brought him back from retirement says

“I’m back to help the team, even if it is on a temporary basis I would always be here to help the Devils.  Muzza called me and explained the situation, asking if I could come back for at least a while, and even though it might kill me I agreed!”

“I’m really looking forward to being back with the guys,” continues Campbell, “I will be here to help them in whatever way I can, and I look forward to seeing where the season takes us.  The Devils are amazing, they really are a great bunch of guys, and you really miss that when you’re not in the changing room.”

Murray goes on to lay down his expectations for the aging striker,

“Drew understands he will be expected to pick up where he left off last season.  We have games coming thick and fast in October and as a result I will need Drew to hit the ground running.”

Campbell will be returning in shirt #23, to sponsor any of the Devils please contact

Solent Devils Store

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Signing Alert – Callum Farrell

Young striker flies to Devils

The Solent Devils are today pleased to announce the signing of forward, Callum Farrell. Farrell joins the Devils after his first year at senior level at the Slough Jets, where he played 17 games and netting one goal. Over his junior career, Farrell played 43 games amassing 32 goals and 32 assists.

“I feel that the team have a lot of experience and knowledge that I can utilise to strengthen my game.”

Said Farrell about his move to the Devils.

Solent Devils head coach, Alex Murray, was impressed when Farrell joined the team over the summer

“Callum came to us in the summer and showed an interest in becoming a part of the Devils, his energy and effort during the summer try outs were exceptional, and I was impressed with how he tested himself against the top end Devils in battle drills and scrimmage. It’s that kind of mindset which is what we look for when recruiting, as the fearless attitude is a tough trait to own.”

Murray continues, going on to talk about Farrell’s playing style and ability,

“Callum brings energy and a willingness to learn, he has no fear and works his socks off in front of goal to create scoring chances. He can be physical for someone so small, and during his junior career he has found the net consistently.”

Farrell says his main goal is

“To strengthen the team, and to support them in equalling or improving their successful performance from previous years. Being part of such a strong team will spur me on to delivery my best performances, game after game – after all, I strive on pressure.”

“Callum joins the team on a two way with our under 18s team after signing from Slough,” says Murray, “I feel the two way with our junior system is important to ensure players like Callum still get the ice time they need to develop. I expect Callum to be ready for any opportunity that comes his way, and that he grabs it with both hands.”

Farrell is excited to be joining play off champions, Devils, and says

“I’m looking forward to lifting the trophy at the end of the season with this awesome team!”

Farrell will be joining the Devils in shirt #63. If you would be interested in sponsoring any of the Devils, or becoming a team sponsor, please contact

Signing Alert – Dan Shier

Shier sails back to Devils

The Solent Devils are delighted to announce the return of Dan Shier.

Shier made 29 appearances for the Devils last season, scoring 2 goals and earning 10 assists.  The young player brings his total career games to 49 with 3 goals and 12 assists.

“I’m really please to be back,” says Shier, “it was great to be part of a play off winning squad and to be just a point away from league champions as well. I think we showed our quality in depth last season, and I think we can do the same this year.”

Alex Murray, Devils head coach is happy to have Shier back.

“Dan is a great young player,” says Murray, “with lots of potential.  Last season he earned the right to play for the Devils due to his hard work – and his performances with the U18s the previous year.  Dan is a likeable character and brings good energy to our team.”

Murray looks back on the performances last season,

“Dan took a little while to find his feet, learn the systems and get up to speed with men’s hockey.  Once he settled into the team he never let me down, standing up for his team mates as well, which is a unique trait!”

Looking to build on his performance from last year, Shier says

“I’ll certainly be pushing myself even harder to take myself to the next level, and I am thrilled that I’m getting the chance to further my hockey career with the Devils.”

Murray continues talking about Shier’s performances and is also looking to the new season.

“Dan needs to kick on from last season and push for a top nine position.  He has bags of potential, and now he needs to implement that from practise to games to cement a spot hire up the order.  I am confident that will happen, and that’s why I’m delighted Dan can continue his development with the Devils!”

Shier is excited to be heading in to the 2018/19 season, simply saying

“I’m looking forward to being back with the guys and getting the season going!”

Shier will be returning to the Devils in shirt #12.  If you would be interested in sponsoring any of the Devils, or becoming a team sponsor, please contact

Signing Alert – Alex Trendall

Fan favourite returns to Solent Devils

Today, the Solent Devils are pleased to announce the return of Alex Trendall to the line up.

The forward last year put in 26 performances for the Devils with 10 goals – one of which during the play off finals – and 12 assists.

Trendall’s career now totals 153 games with 29 goals and 25 assists.

When talking about why he re-signed for the Devils again this season, Trendall simply says

“Solent is a home team for me, the whole set up and atmosphere is like a family.”

Head coach, Alex Murray reinforces this;

“Alex has been with the organisation for several years now and it is always a preference of mine to bring back guys who are already aware of the set up and what I expect.”

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Trendall says

“I think we have a really good chance this year, Alex has made some really good signings over the summer and the team he is putting together is shaping up to be truly competitive.  The team, with the effort the guys put in during practice and games should see us do very well.”

Murray, who is constantly looking at his players and adjusting what they do and where they play to try any get peak performance from them talks about Trendall’s performance last year,

“Alex made great strides last season, physically on the ice but also off the ice.  We switched him back to the right-wing mid-season, which seemed to work wonders for Alex’s performance and point production.”

“My goals for the upcoming season,” says Trendall,

“is to help the Devils finish in at least the top three if we don’t win the league and to defend our title as play-off champions, retaining the cup we fought so hard to win at the end of last season.”

When discussing what position he will take within the team this season and his pairing with Mark Pitts last year, Murray says

“I haven’t completed my roster yet, so I cannot confirm who will play with whom, however, Alex is a player who offers us offensive options, in particular with his speed and puck control.  The good thing about Alex is, he is comfortable on both wings and can play several roles within the squad.”

As for the upcoming season, the excitable Trendall says

“I’m really looking forward to getting back out on the ice with the lads, and hearing the crowd cheer us on.”

Trendall will be returning to the Devils in shirt #10.  If you would be interested in sponsoring any of the Devils, or becoming a team sponsor, please contact